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The UCC 2005 Sunrise: How It Affects IBCA Members

IBCA supports the use of the EAN.UCC item identification and bar code standard. As the UCC system has become a global standard the numbering system has had to be expanded. IBCA supports the expansion and offers two items to help our members to understand it.

How Ready Is My Company To Implement Technology?

The purpose of this class is to help people determine how ready their company is to implement systems and components of systems that include automatic identification (bar codes and radio frequency -- RFID) and data collection technologies. It provides 3 exercises including an Excel spreadsheet to calculate your level of readiness.

Introduction to RFID

This session will help non-technical executives, managers and IT professionals to understand the realities of these two closely related technologies. The session explains the functional similarities and differences, the strengths and limitations and the things you should know about if you are (or will be) considering the deployment of RFID technology.

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