Manufacturing people need information to determine what to build and when. They rely on demand and replenishment information from Sales and marketing and factor it by delivery time supplied form the distribution function from sales and marketing and availability form procurement. They must comply with all product ID, packaging and data content standards so that everyone in the Supply chain can take advantages of best practices.

Each Function within a specific company can be optimized to increase overall company performance. BUT supply chain improvements require a blending of activities. Inside AND then Outside collaboration and that requires knowledge for three kinds of people:

  • Those being asked to comply with the standards who need to know what they are.

  • Those using standards who want to leverage them with best practices for improvements.

  • Those solving problems who need to know what standards and best practices apply.

Information is presented in context divided into:

  • Background to help with general understanding

  • Topics including:

    • Solutions Understanding the problem and implementation

    • Foundation Referencing standards and technology

    • Resources for further knowledge

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