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IBCA Guidelines for Product ID, Labels and Shipments

Supply Chain Foundation Guide

  1. Introduction Information flow in the supply chain, How to use the documents
  2. Supply Chain Overview and Benefits
  3. Organizing The Labeling Project
  4. Understanding The GS1 System

Label Implementation Guide

  1. Implementing a GS1 System Labeling Project
  2. Implementing Serial Shipping Container Code
  3. Bar Code Print Quality

Contemporary Knowledge:


IBCA Guidelines for Product ID, Labels and Shipments (GPID)

Vital Items: Multi Pack / Carton ID Bar Code Labels (rev November 2008)

Consistent product identification, both human readable and bar code, must be presented on uniform and legible labels to enable best practices throughout the entire supply chain. This section explains the elements of information including the bar code that should be contained on master-pack, inner-pack or storage cases.

What does it provide?

All of the material handling functions can be improved and in some cases automated if there is uniformity in product identification labeling. Not only will handling costs be reduced but administrative costs associated with shipping errors and receiving errors can be eliminated.

Vital Items

Follow the product identification labeling guidelines

  1. Only one type of product in one type of package per carton
  2. Brief description (15 characters or less)
  3. SKU number or catalog number
  4. Bar code (GTIN)
  5. Number of items contained
  6. Follow location guidelines
  7. Ensure that the bar code is of high quality

Standards Policy

Chapter 1 Product Identification Labeling and Shipment

Chapter 2 -- benefits and business case.

Chapter 3 -- how to organize the labeling project.

Chapter 4 -- the GS1 (formerly U.P.C.) method of product identification and bar code use.

Chapter 5 -- how to apply GS1 (formerly U.P.C.) bar code.

Chapter 6 -- deals with the label that is placed on a shipping container.

Chapter 7 -- about the print quality of bar codes.

The appendix is provided to answer questions about how bar codes work.





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